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Five marking tools

I thought I’d share the  five marking tools I really, really like for those painted canvas pieces. First up is this neat wood clay roller. It comes with three other rollers and you can buy it online or at Blicks. … Continue reading

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How to: Dry Brush Dyeing

OMG! I am so excited about dry brush dyeing. I could hardly wait to blog about it! I found this technique in Making Your Mark by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan. This book also includes a video. I absolutely love … Continue reading

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Canvas Play

Awhile back LuAnn Kessi inspired me to play on canvas. Here is her blog post. I love her idea of gathering several friends and painting up a storm. They made zipper bags with their pieces. I’d love to do that, … Continue reading

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Ice Dyed Parfait Revisited

In 2012  I tried the ice dyed parfait technique and even though I liked my results, they were way too dark and I felt I was a bit out of control. A couple years later I tried it again only … Continue reading

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Personalized Painted Aprons

Since I’ve been teaching a lot of classes lately, I thought it would to be nice to have a personalized painted apron to wear. Meanwhile, I made one for my Best Bud Barbara. I started by cutting out the stencils … Continue reading

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Printed Fabric Bee takes a new direction

If you’ve been following me for the past two years you know that I’ve been involved with a group of artists. Every month one of the members, “the queen,” would choose a topic and the other members would make a … Continue reading

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Printed Fabric Bee: Caribbean Ocean

This is the last month of The Printed Fabric Bee challenges. We’ve been doing this now for two years. It’s been so much fun and really helped me to stretch my creative muscles. This month Judy Gula requested a 12 … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Current Quilting Arts issue I’m in!

Congratulations to Beverly in Utah and Laurie in California. I’ll be mailing out your QA issues next week! Dave and I just returned from a wonderful week in Colorado. I’m anxious to tell you about it and some of what … Continue reading

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Ice dyeing inspired by another

I saw a piece of ice dyed fabric recently that just made my heart do flips. Well, not really, but I absolutely loved it. After studying it multiple times I decided I’d try to duplicate it. This whole process reminds … Continue reading

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Printed Fabric Bee: Architecture

It’s time for another Printed Fabric Bee giveaway! August’s  The Printed Fabric Bee challenge topic was Architecture.  Deborah Boschert the queen bee, requested that the 12 x 12 piece contain all blues. Before I show you the collection that will … Continue reading

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