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June Green Challenge

For the month of June I’ve challenged my Icy Delights students to make a combo with a green and another color. This is a good exercise in seeing how the colors play together, and a great way to find a … Continue reading

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Sunday Stroll: May 1, 2016

Happy May! It’s spring!! I’d like to welcome my new subscribers. I’m so glad you’re here. You might not know that I am also a gardener, although my art has pretty much pushed it to the back in the last … Continue reading

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A Surprise on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been thinking about my Mom lately. Since I’m cooking now every two weeks, I’ve been wearing an apron in the kitchen like she did.  I also from time-to-time look through the recipe book she left behind. … Continue reading

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Hosta Paper Making

We’ve been blessed (or cursed!) with lots of hostas here at Happy Acres. I’ve been wanting to try making paper from them all summer but just haven’t had the time. But now I’ve done it. Let’s get started. The first … Continue reading

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Irises and The Rain

It’s amazing what a little rain will do in the garden. It finally rained some yesterday and last night amounting to around an inch. The next batch of rain may come with severe storms. I’m hurrying to get this posted … Continue reading

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Hosta potting

I know I have complained about the previous owners who did very little yard work here at Happy Acres. However, there is an upside to that. Due to their lack of interest in the outdoors, we have lots of plants … Continue reading

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Iris count has begun

When we moved here in late May 07, I really didn’t have time to keep track of what was blooming. However, I did notice we had several different bearded irises. Evidently one of the previous owners was an iris lover … Continue reading

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