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Sunday Roundup: July 17

It’s time for a Sunday Roundup. I’ve been harvesting blueberries every other morning. I get out there early before the heat sets in. This year’s harvest has not been as productive as in the past although we will end up … Continue reading

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Sunday Stroll: May 1, 2016

Happy May! It’s spring!! I’d like to welcome my new subscribers. I’m so glad you’re here. You might not know that I am also a gardener, although my art has pretty much pushed it to the back in the last … Continue reading

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Irises and More

I’ve not blogged about my irises much in the past couple of years. They used to dominate this blog in Spring as I recorded and numbered every one of the beauties. As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve moved … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Stroll

Yesterday morning was a great time to work in the yard and also get some pictures of our work in progress.  It was warm but overcast – perfect for pictures. The blueberries are really doing great this year. Can’t wait … Continue reading

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Putting Up

It’s been busy around here. From harvesting to watering to putting up. But before I tell you about putting up, I wanted to share something that made my day recently. With all of the time I spend outside I’ve been … Continue reading

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More Color Here

It is so busy here with all of the gardening and crafting and writing, but I just had to take some pictures and show you some of the color here at Happy Acres. Here are a two of my irises … Continue reading

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Blackberry Fruit Leather

Last year I tried my best to use up our blackberries. We froze a lot of them and put them in smoothies. I also made jello, syrup (which I’ve already made two batches this spring from last year’s harvest), popsicles, … Continue reading

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Cool Blackberry Pops

It sure has been hot here! I remember as a kid, we just loved to hear that guy peddling the bicycle with a refrigerated case on the front yelling, “Popsicle Man.” I’d run inside and ask mom for a few … Continue reading

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Putting Up Our Harvest

I’ve been busy drying tomatoes and putting up our blackberries and blueberries. Before I write more about that, Kristina had asked what the tomatoes look like when they are dried. I’ve never looked at them side by side, and thought … Continue reading

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Blackberry Jello Recipe

So here is my recipe. So let’s get started! I put blackberries in a sauce pan. I simmered them bringing them to a boil. Then I turned off the heat and gently pushed down on them, releasing more juice. I … Continue reading

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