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Cat Sanctuary

While in Maui, we took the ferry over to Lanai to visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. Since we were missing our kitties, this was a great way to get our kitty fix. Before telling you about the cat sanctuary, I … Continue reading

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Dyeing White-on-White

Even though I’ve been busy with re-entry from vacation, I took time to dye some strips of the white-on-white fabric. I was really happy with the results, and now to decide what colors I’m going to use on these. All … Continue reading

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Tags, Missiles, and Fabric

We have just spent the last two weeks in Hawaii. Dave was healthy and I didn’t fall this time! Just a little about tags, missiles, and fabric in Hawaii. Tags One of the things I’ve been doing since we started … Continue reading

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A lesson on just “being”

This year’s vacation was a lesson on just “being” for both of us.  This was not something I wanted to do; It’s something I had no control over. Dave and I flew into Maui on the 11th. On the way … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Smokies

We just returned last week from revisiting the Smokies. Dave and I traveled there back in 2005 after we first met. The trip was somewhat of a disaster since we really didn’t know each other well and shouldn’t have been … Continue reading

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Swimming with Radar

I love turtles. It all started when we moved here. One day I walked out to the driveway and there was a turtle. I took a picture of him for evidence since Dave was not home and I figured he’d … Continue reading

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Dyeing Hawaiian Fabric

Whenever we travel to Kona on The Big Island we have to stop at Kimura’s Fabrics. Here is a post I wrote several years ago about this interesting shop. You can buy about any type of fabric here from Hawaiian … Continue reading

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Hawaii: Recreating past photos

My mom and dad always dreamed of traveling to Hawaii. As a child our family took four trips – three to Florida and one to visit my sis and her husband in Colorado. Then in 1972, Dad won a trip … Continue reading

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Returning to Garden of the Gods

When we were in Colorado last month we stopped and spent some time in the Garden of the Gods. This is not our first trip here, but our first trip together. My first trip was in 1967 with my parents. … Continue reading

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Colorado Inspiration

It’s always so good for us to get away. Dave works so hard in the garden all summer, and both of us are pretty much burned out about this time of the year. Leaving home always seems to rejuvenates us. … Continue reading

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