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Tuesday Recap: Thrift Store Threes

I volunteer at our local thrift store once a month and usually I have a little time while I’m working to check out new-to-me stuff. Sometimes it’s amazing what catches my eye. Is it chance or is there something else … Continue reading

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How To: Dyeing silk with ties

I love ties. When I’m trolling local thrift stores I always have to stop by the tie rack and see what lovelies I can find. Until recently I really didn’t know what to do with them but add them to … Continue reading

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How To: Recycled Pot Holders

Several years ago I mentioned my recycled pot holders, but never told how I made the work horses. I made these from recycled towels and jeans, and fabric I had in my stash. We’ve been using them since I made … Continue reading

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Fabric Printing At Home Blog Hop

Congratulations to Dawn Jones and Carole Gold! Today is my day for the blog hop for this fun fabric surface design book. We’ll be giving two copies of this book – one from me and one from the publisher. See … Continue reading

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Soy Wax and Ice Dyeing

Now that you know how to work with soy wax, why not add it to other techniques, specifically ice dyeing? If you’ve never ice dyed, check out my very first tutorial on ice dyeing. Ice dyeing is a bit different … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Art

We just returned a couple weeks ago from Hawaii where we visited Kauai and Kona on the Big Island. When going on vacation we plan our visit around farmers markets and art fairs. Last year we just happened upon the … Continue reading

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Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway: Petroglyphs

Congratulations to Janice Novachcoff of Detroit who won this beautiful collection. This past month I had the honor of being the Queen Bee for The Printed Fabric Bee. For my month I picked petroglyphs as my topic. I fell in … Continue reading

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Completed Project #1: Valentine Chunky Book

My word this year is completion.  I really hope to finish some of the projects I’ve started, and also use some of the fabric I’ve created. I love all of the surface design techniques, but I need to use some … Continue reading

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Back To Basics: Soy Wax Batik

This year I’m started a new series of monthly “Back to Basics” posts which will include introductory information on different surface design techniques. I love to teach both through my blog and “live”, and thought these might be helpful for … Continue reading

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Free Motion Scribbling

One of the skills I want to learn this year is free motion quilting. I’ve always been in awe of those who can do it and their beautiful pieces. I’d like to add some of of this stitching to some … Continue reading

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