One UFO sighted and finished

In an effort to “clean up” my office/studio/woman cave, I have been looking at my UFOs (unfinished projects). I came across this washer bracelet I started over a year ago. I was making this for my friend Marsha for Christmas 2008 and just quit. Since I had all of the necessary supplies to complete it, I sat down last week and added the last few washers and the clasp. I really kind of like it.

Washer bracelet

Washer bracelet

This is not an original. This is a Lindsay Haedt design that I found on HowTotvonline. The only thing I did differently from her design was instead of leaving the washers plain, I used alcohol inks to color them. If I had to do it over again (and I may!) I’d spend a little more time with the alcohol ink and make the washers darker.

One UFO down, gobbs to go!

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