Making fonts into stencils

Several of you emailed me about the lettering on my Reclaimed Intentions Banner from Friday’s post which included the Intentional Printing book giveaway.

I wish I could say it was my hand printing, but it’s not. I printed it with stencils made from fonts. I’ve made a short video to show you how I make them in Silhouette Studio Designer Software. They are fun, easy, and fast!

Here is a close up of the banner:

banner closeup

And my stencils:

word stencils

The font I am using is Hannotate. As I mentioned on the video, I’m not sure where on the web I found it. I picked it because I thought that it looked more like hand printing than some fonts.  However, there are lots of fonts that will work.  Just make sure the letters are thick enough.

Here is my video. I hope that helps. If you have any questions about making fonts into stencils, please feel free to email me.


As I said, I am using Silhouette Studio Designer software. If you don’t have a Silhouette I’m sure other cutting software will do the trick. The reason I bought my Silhouette Portrait was to make stencils and it does an awesome job – just in case you need a little push to buy one!

Another question about that banner that several of you emailed me about was what techniques I used. For those of you who just dropped by recently, I’ve been playing with surface design techniques for several years and it all started with ice dyeing. To make this banner I raided my stash. It was great to see all of the different techniques in one place.

I’ve listed the techniques below the picture starting with the top fabric. There are links to some of the posts about those pieces.

reclaimed banner

  1. soy wax screen printing
  2. ice dyed fabric printed with thermofax screens
  3. soy wax batik with potato masher and fiber reactive dyes
  4. Sun printing with Dye-na-flow
  5. ice dyed fabric
  6. glue resist with textile paints
  7. ice dyed fabric stenciled with screen painting ink
  8. drop cloth (this was the cloth on top of my printing table. No additional printing was added)
  9. Oatmeal resist overdyed
  10. Color Magnet with fiber reactive dyes

Thank you for your questions and kind words. As far as the stencils, I love being able to print so others can read what I’ve written. Sometimes reading the words is not necessary. However, for this project it was so important.

If you’ve not commented on my last post to win Lynn’s Intentional Printing book, be sure and go back and do so. I’ll be drawing the winner on Saturday. Good Luck! And as always, thanks for dropping by.

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Blog Hop/Giveaway: Intentional Printing

Giveaway Closed – Congrats to Luann Fischer of SC

I am so excited to share with you a new book – Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk and be part of the book release blog hop. In addition to my review and a look at one of the projects I made from her book, you have a chance to win this book. Yeah!

Intentional Printing

When I received this book to review, I questioned whether there could be anything new that I didn’t already have in my library. I was pleasantly surprised!

I really love Lynn’s writing style. I felt like I was in Lynn’s studio sitting around talking about printing. An easy read, I devoured the book in one sitting! The title describes what is in the book: Intentional printing It’s not about printing as much fabric as you can in one session. It’s about setting your intention. Lynn’s approach to printing really opened my eyes and made me think of how I was creating my art. While reading I was nodding my head. She was talking to me!

After that first chapter she moves into the nuts and bolts of printing including tools and setting up the workspace.

The next three chapters include her fabric-printing techniques, handstitching, and layered printing. Even though some of this information was not new to me, her approach was different.

writing on fabricThe chapter on layered printing was worth the price of the book.  I love layers, but I’m often afraid to push myself to add more. She takes the reader step-by-step through the process showing her fabric as she adds more layers. When I thought her fabric was finished, she continued to add more.  Her pieces end up looking absolutely wonderful. She gives much needed tips to push through the anxiety.

She ends the books with nine projects. I decided to make her Reclaimed Intentional Banner.

Intential Banner

I dug into my stash and played with placement of my fabrics on my cutting table. It was fun to see all of my different surface design techniques in one place.

banner draft

Here is the finished banner.

reclaimed banner

And a close up:

banner closeup

If you are new to printing on fabric, this is the book for you. If you are an experienced surface design artist, you still can learn from Lynn. This book will be one I will continue to refer to and is a welcome addition to my library. Thank you Lynn for your work on this book.

Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk, published by Interweave / F+W Media, contains 151 pages and retails for $26.99 US. You can purchase it through

Now for the giveaway. You can win this book just by commenting on this blog post. Commenting via email, on Google+, or Facebook will NOT enter you in this contest. You must comment to this blog post on the Bloombakecreate blog to be entered in the giveaway. The deadline for this giveaway is Saturday, April 12 at 8 a.m. CST. You must be a US resident to win. Good Luck!

Stop by the following artist’s blogs and check out what they have to say about this book:


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Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway #5

Well, it’s that time again for another Printed Fabric Bee giveaway!

Printed Bee Collage

This month Carol requested a 12 x 12 inch square of fabric of our interpretation of the colors and textures found in woodlands. When I think of woodlands, I think green. And since I’ve been a bit obsessed with palms since our last trip to Hawaii I wanted to include palms in my woodlands piece.

I usually start out with plain white fabric, but I found some lovely white printed fabric that I just had to use it. I dyed it with ink (I’ll post about that later), and then created a palm stencil with my Silhouette Portrait from one of the artificial palms I found at Joanns.

artificial palm

The artificial palm


palm stencil


Using screen printing ink, I stenciled the palm onto the fabric leaving an opening since woodlands always have an opening for sun to shine through (or they do in my interpretation!).

Carol's Bee fabricHere is a closeup:

CloseupNow for the giveaway. Comment on either Carol’s blog post or the Printed Fabric Bee blog (NEW!) by April 12 to win this package of 6 inch Woodland squares! Good luck!

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Sunday RoundUp: March 23

The weeks have been flying by and I’ve been getting lots accomplished, but I haven’t had the time to post.

Dave has been busy on his blog posting about gardening, but he also added my recipe for Spinach Pie. I’ve been making this for years and as I told him, I have no idea where I found this recipe. I love using last year’s spinach from the freezer for this tasty dish.

spinach pie

Here is the LINK to the recipe.

He also posted about one of our new soap recipes: Deep Purple Lavender Goat’s Milk. It is so pretty!

Deep Purple Lavender Goats Milk Check out the recipe HERE.

Speaking of Dave, here he is with Ace who just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He is a daddy’s boy for sure, and such a good boy.

ace and Dave 2 years

Both Puddin and Ace spend a lot of time in my studio sleeping in my chair. Notice her leg is over him. He may be cute, but she’s still boss!

Ace and Puddin

I did get our new bee hive painted this weekend. I sure hope our new “girls” will like their new home. We’ll get our new bee family next month.

New bee hive

I also bought some new white shoes to paint. Groupon had a great deal on these canvas shoes so I just had to get them. I’ve never painted on shoes so this should be interesting!

new white shoes

While painting the bee hive Friday I was able to also get a little sun printing done. I experimented with the artificial palm leaves I purchased recently from Joann’s. The jury is still out so I need to experiment a little more before I blog about my results.


Fabric in the sun with artificial palm leaves

I’m also working on a piece that I’m pretty excited about. Here is a sneak peak. More about that later.

Ironing piece

Also, I just finished my piece for the Printed Fabric Bee challenge this month. Stay tuned for the monthly giveaway. Here is a sneak peak of it.

sneak peak of March Bee

Well, that’s it for what’s going on here.  I am so looking forward to warm weather. As always, thanks for dropping by.



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Tour of our exhibit

The 6-week run of our “Colorful Friendship: A Study in Fabric Surface Design” exhibit will be over soon and I thought I’d take you on a tour before we take it down April 1.

The local paper wrote an article about Evi and me and our art. The cover art is one of Evi’s beautiful silk pieces.

Warrick edition

Here is a link to the pdf of the article: Colorful Friendship Exhibit  Our article, written by my good friend and great writer Amy Abbott, starts on page 9.

It’s really hard to take pictures of this gallery due to all of the windows and the reflections on the glass cases. This gallery is located in the lobby of the art building on the campus of the University of Evansville. There are a total of 17 cases!

The large case includes our picture, our artist statements, and the two garments Evi sewed that combined both of our fabrics.

Main case

We decided with the remaining sixteen cases we’d alternate our art.  I think it made for an interesting display.



Colorful Friendship exhibit

Colorful Friendship Exhibit

Colorful Friendship Exhibit

Here I was telling Carla about this soy wax piece.

Carla and I at exhibit

Ronda and Carla, part of the Art Girls, stand in front of one of my cases.

Ronda and Carla

A few of the Newburgh Writers Group also visited the exhibit with me.

Newburgh Writers Group

Kathy Sands drove over from Illinois to spend the day with me. We took some selfies when we visited the exhibit Saturday.

Kathy and me

I’ve really enjoyed showing friends our art. Now I need to make some more!

Thanks for joining me on this exhibit tour. I hope you are having a creative Sunday.

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Inspiration from other artists

I love seeing what other artists are doing and I also love to support them.

When we were in Hawaii a couple months ago (Gosh, I can’t believe that we’ve been back so long!), I bought a couple dyed pieces from artists at outdoor markets. Unfortunately I don’t have names of either of the artists.

This piece was purchased from a woman who told me her family owns a silk factory in Asia. She wouldn’t tell me what specific dyes she used for her pieces, but they were beautiful.

silk dyed piece

This next artist dyed beautiful rayon sarongs.

dyed sarong

Also while in Hawaii I bought this jacket and bag made in Nepal where the proceeds support families. Every time I wear this jacket I get lots of compliments. I absolutely love it and want to try sewing some of my jersey fabric together.

Nepal Jacket

Nepal bag

Then this past Saturday I went to a Fair Trade market at a local church and purchased this Ipad holder. Ever since I have been in the Printed Fabric Bee group and have been challenged to use orange, I’ve really gotten to like it!

ipad holder

And then last year for my birthday I bought this poncho from Judy Sall, aka Judy Tie Dye. I had been lusting after this poncho for quite awhile and decided to treat myself. You can buy her other lovely things here.

Judy's poncho

So much inspiration around. Now to get in the studio and play.

However, any of those projects in my head will have to wait. Today will be our first really warm day so I’ll be outside working on one of our gardens. Have a great creative day!



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Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway #4

It’s again time for another Printed Fabric Bee giveaway!

Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway

The challenge this month was really a challenge for me. Lesley Riley requested a 12 x 12 inch square mosaic in yellow/orange, purple and fuchsia. We also could add additional colors. I didn’t have fuchsia so I added gold. These are colors I don’t use very often. It’s amazing to me to see how  we interpret these challenges.

In my last post I showed you the stencil I cut for this project. Since my machine will only cut an 8- inch width, I ended up making four stencils and putting them together.

Freezer paper stencils

Then I added color and here is my finished 12 x 12 for Lesley.

Lesley's piece

And here are the two 6-inch squares that I made that are part of the giveaway.

Printed Bee #4 6 inch

Now for the giveaway. Enter this giveaway by commenting on Lesley’s blog or the Printed Fabric Bee Facebook Page. This giveaway closes on March 15.  Good Luck!

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Making Freezer Paper Stencils With My Portrait

As you know, I really love making stencils with my Silhouette Portrait. If you just joined my blog, you can find my post about stencil making here.

I’ve been making them with Dura-Lar .005 clear film. That material works pretty good, especially for playing on paper. As long as the design is not real intricate, they work fine on fabric. However, for The Printed Fabric Bee challenge this month I need to make a more detailed and intricate stencil since Lesley wanted a mosaic.

I tried a variety of materials, from paper to Silhouette vinyl to card stock, but nothing would keep the fabric paint from seeping under the stencil, messing up the fabric. I was getting frustrated until freezer paper came to mind. Well, I know about it and how it’s widely used for making stencils, but I didn’t want to dust off my exacto. Then I ran into this blog post by Lauren on the The Thinking Closet where she used her Silhouette to cut the freezer paper. Thank you Lauren! You made my day!

Armed with this knowledge, I added flowers to  a Lizzie Mayne stencil design I had purchased several months ago from the Silhouette store. When I was happy with the design, I loaded the freezer paper onto a mat and cut. Here are a couple things to help you if you plan to cut freezer paper with your Silhouette:

  • You MUST use a sticky mat. If you don’t, the freezer paper will fly all over your machine. (Been there, done that!)
  • You can load it either side down, but it will come off the mat MUCH easier if you put the shiny side down. Also, if you load it paper side down, the image will be flipped when you iron it onto your fabric. That may or may not make a difference for your design.
  • Here are the settings for cutting thanks to Lauren’t blog post: Blade 3, Speed 3, and Thickness 10.

Once the design is removed from the machine, remove all of the loose pieces or what they call “weed.” It probably works better with a tool, but my makeshift weeding tool is AWOL. I think it left when I cleaned up my studio for the photo shoot!

Removing cut pieces

Once the stencil is all cleaned up, gently remove from the cutting mat and place on fabric, shiny side down.

Then if you are happy with the placement of your new stencil on the fabric, iron it down.

Ironing the stencil to the fabricThen, let’s get to painting. I am using fabric paint: Jacquard Lumier, Pebeo Setacolor Opaque and Jacquard Textile. I used both a stencil brush and a small brush to fill in all of the spaces.

fabric paints for mosaic

I need to mention a word about brushes. I use a lot of products, but I’ve found lately that I really like both stencil and regular brushes from Martha Stewart.  I will try some of my other brushes, but then I always go back to MS. You will notice one of the stencil brushes is not a MS. I went to several stores and they were all out of the small stencil brushes so I had to do with what I had.

Anyway, to prevent the paint from running under the stencil I made sure the brush was pretty dry and kept it vertical when pouncing on the fabric.

Painting with the stencil

And with these freezer stencils there might be a little migration of paint under the stencil, but not much. I was really happy with my results.

Uncovering the fabric

I’ll show you the finished piece in a post this weekend which will include the monthly Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway. Hope to see you back here then.

I’ll be making more of these stencils for sure.

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Removing color with deColorant

Now that the exhibit is up (yeah!) it’s time to get back to playing.

Talking about the exhibit, since it’s a study in fabric surface design, my cases in the show display several different techniques. You know I’m all about the process. One of the techniques I showed was discharge using deColorant. If you aren’t familiar with this product, in a nutshell it takes the color out of the fabric.

I had some solid blue fabric I dyed several months ago that I wanted to try this on.

blue fabric with discharge

Here are my steps:

Stamp and paint deColorant onto fabric. (It would have been nice for me to iron the fabric!)

stamping on deColorant


When dry, iron the design and like magic, the fabric color behind it has disappeared. Oh how I love the magic! The last step is to wash the fabric to bring it back to it’s original soft hand.

Ironing the fabric

I thought that was pretty cool. But then I overdyed a piece with sun yellow. Love this green!

overdyed decolorant piece with sun yellow

And the last was over dyed with fuchsia.

overdyed with fuchsia

I also bought some deColorant Plus which takes the color out and replaces it with another. I added silver to this poncho I ice dyed. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a closeup and it’s now in the exhibit, but if you look close you can see the wording and sun star images.

ice dyed poncho with deColorant Plus

There are lots of products to take out color. I liked this one because it was easy to use. Also the smell was not too bad, but it’s a good idea when ironing to open a window or work in a well ventilated area.

Have you played with any of the discharge products? I’d love to hear your experiences. Thanks for dropping by.

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Getting Ready For The Exhibit

I feel like I have really been AWOL from here. The reason I’ve been gone is that I have been spending so much time getting ready for our “Colorful Friendship: A Study in Fabric Surface Design” exhibit that will open February 24 at the Krannert Gallery at University of Evansville.

Last week I was interviewed by our local paper about my art for this exhibit. However, before I would allow anyone to come into my studio/woman cave, I had to do some major cleaning up. After all was straightened and cleaned up (well, kind of), I noticed that I really needed to cover up my racks including the stuff on the top shelf. So I got out some of my fabric.

studio coverupOn the left side you can see two pieces hanging to dry on top of the “cover up fabric.”  I realized that I don’t use any of the stuff on those top shelves, so I really need to again go through my stuff. But that will have to wait.

Oh, my work table was cleaned off when the photographer was here.  I did a little thermofax screen printing while he was taking pictures.

printing table

I’ve been painting these tubes that will be props for our exhibit. I think they are pretty cool looking.

finished tubes

I’ve been painting some canvas.

Painting canvas


ironing for the exhibit

A little sewing

pillows for exhibit

Printing with my thermofax screens

themofax screen printing

Gathering and organizing

Gathering together

And hanging


We’re putting the exhibit up on Wednesday. I’m excited about the exhibit, but I am so looking forward to spending time on other projects that have been lining up in my head.

Oh, don’t know if you were able to take advantage of this, but a couple weeks ago Spoonflower ran this great promotion of a free swatch (8 x 8). I’ve been wanting to see how the material really looks with one of my designs, and so I uploaded an image of one of them.  Here is the swatch on top of the scanned fabric. Pretty neat!

Spoonflower Swatch

For Valentine’s Day I made Dave a card, something I like to do for him because he appreciates them so much. All of my past cards are in his room prominently displayed.  I specifically painted and stenciled some paper at the Art Girls Getaway last weekend to use for his card.

2014 Valentine Day Card

Well, that’s all for now. More to share later. That’s what is going on in my world. What’s up with you?


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