Mandalas and more

I’m still making mandalas, but wanted to remind you that you have just a few more days to enter my giveaway I posted here. Deadline is September 1 at midnight. I’ll be drawing the winner the next day. I’ll be sending the winner an email with a couple choices of prizes from my art stash. All you have to do is print out the mandala on that post, color it, and then email it back to me by midnight on Tuesday. I’ve been receiving some nice colorful mandalas in my email box!

It’s been fun continuing on this mandala journey. My goal was to be confident enough to draw directly on fabric. Before I attempted that I sent several of my mandalas to Spoonflower and had them print out fabric samples and one fat quarter. I thought that was pretty cool to have my drawings on fabric.

mandalatests mandalafatqtr

Then I took fabric markers to some pieces of previously dyed fabric.

mandalafabric2 fabricmandala1

Then I watched a wonderful video on making sun catchers or ornaments out of cds and I just had to make some.


But it’s not all about mandalas around here. I spent a little time dyeing some silk scarves for a special project I’ll tell you about later.

colorhuemistake colorhue scarves colorhuetiedye

I also attended a workshop and met Brene Brown.


Brene Brown and me

We all received her new book, Rising Strong, which I’ve already started even though I’m also reading What Comes Next and How to Like It by Abigail Thomas. I’d love to hear with you’re reading.


And lastly I finally removed the buds and bagged the lavender I harvested in June. Now it’s ready to use in our soaps and culinary dishes.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t forget about the giveaway! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have a creative and colorful weekend.

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Giveaway: Color my mandala

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As most of you know, adult coloring books are the rage right now. They come with all kinds of designs from animals and botanicals to mandalas.

I thought it would be fun to make one of my mandalas available here for you to print out and color. Then if you email me a picture of it colored, you will be entered in the drawing for my giveaway. The deadline for you to email it back to me is September 1. See information below.

I chose one of my mandalas that was not real detailed with large spaces to color or paint. I can’t wait to see how you will color it.


Here is the link for you to print out and color: Heinesmandala7-28.

I feel like this is just the beginning of my love affair with mandalas.

Email me (lheines at wowway dot com) a picture of this mandala colored by you by September 1 and you will be in the running for a piece of my art. I will not be judging the coloring so just have fun. I’ll be drawing from the entries for a winner. I also may post some of the entries on a future blog. As for the prize,  I’m not sure yet what it will be – maybe a scarf, a piece of fabric, or a journal cover.

Thanks for dropping by and I’m looking forward to my email box being full of colored mandalas.



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Alabama and Blueberries

As I mentioned on my last post, I was driving down south to visit my sis in Alabama. This was the first time I have driven by myself this long of a distance and to somewhere I had never been.

Luann suggested I take photos of my stops on the way so here are a few I thought were interesting. One thing I did discover on this trip is how beautiful this part of the US is. Tennessee just took my breath away. Now, it’s not that I’ve not been there, but it’s been a while.

alabamaroadtrip1alabamaroadtrip2alabamaroadtrip3At this Alabama rest stop I saw a couple interesting cars.

alabamaroadtrip4 alabamaroadtrip5

The travel time there was long – It took me 8 hours – but it was well worth being able to spend time with Mari.

mariandmeaug15I was only there Monday evening and Tuesday,  but we crammed it with lots of talk, thrift shopping, and eating. I found these neat things for my art at a couple thrift shops. I know – another potato masher – but it’s so much different than my other ones. I’ll spray through that white thing and not sure what I’ll do with the butterflies.


Mari surprised me with a couple gifts. She knows I love old linens. These are table scarves. They are beautiful and will look lovely dyed.


And then she gave me this picture she had drawn of me years ago. Oh my! What a surprise and really lovely. She is so talented.


On the way back to her place after dinner Tuesday night we had to stop to watch the sunset. It was awesome and so much fun to share with my sis.


I stayed at Treasure Island Bed & Breakfast which was just a few miles from Mari’s home. Here is a view from the back of the house. Lillie and Earl were wonderful hosts.

alabamabandbThe only “scary” part of this adventure was Monday night. Mari and I had gone to dinner and when we were ready to leave, it was storming with lots of lightening and thunder. We waited for the storm to pass on Cracker Barrel’s porch and then moved inside when the wind picked up. It finally cleared up – just a little rain – but still lightening. I dropped her off and on my way to the B&B and on the only road into the island I came upon a tree and line across the road. I called Lillie and they called the authorities and then came to get me. Fortunately I was driving slow so that I saw the tree in time to stop and the line was just the cable. Even though it was after 9 pm, the area was cleaned up quickly and I was able to get back to my car to drive it back to the B&B that night.

It was a fun, but short trip. I’m so glad I went. Not only did I get to spend time with my sis, but I pushed through my fears of driving that long way by myself. It’s too bad I wasn’t there longer. I would have loved to meet Cathy from Birmingham, one of my longtime blog subscribers. However, there just wasn’t enough time. Cathy, we’ll meet one of these days!

Since I’ve been back I’ve been resting up and then yesterday I weeded and mulched the blueberry patch getting it ready for winter. I mulch it with pine bark mulch. When I started working on it years ago, I would go to my friend Barbara’s subdivision and rake up pine needles. Now I buy the mulch at the local gardening center. All I need to do now is mulch the walkways with the cypress mulch. Then it’s on to the blackberries. I love having this area all cleaned up for the upcoming cold weather.


Since I’ve been back I’ve also been working on the Printed Fabric Bee challenge for this month. The theme is Architecture. I know what I want to do, but I’m having trouble pulling it together. Did you know we have Pinterest boards for all of our challenges? You can see them all here. I added several pictures to the Architecture board before I left on my trip.

Thanks for dropping by and reading about my road trip adventure. Also, thanks and welcome to my new subscribers this week. So glad you are here. I’m hoping to get into the dye studio in the next couple of weeks and also have plans for several other projects I am looking forward to sharing.

Oh, one more thing! Fellow Printed Fabric Bee Lynn Krawczyk is hosting a screen printed ATC swap. If you’re interested, all of the info is HERE.

Have a great Sunday!


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Organizing and more

Can you believe the summer is almost over? I sure can’t. Here is a little of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.

I have been reading this organizing book since I have a strong urge to move stuff out of here!


I really like her idea of organizing not by room, but by category. So, for example, you gather all of your socks (a subset of the clothing category), pull them out of the drawer(s) and touch each one. Thank each piece for its use and decide whether it needs to be thrown out due to lack of life left, recycled to the thrift store for someone else to love, or keep.

Yesterday, we were having some work done on our master closet so everything was taken out. According to Marie, it’s much more effective to remove all of the items from their location before sorting. I went through all of my clothing which was an emotional and really exhausting experience! I got rid of stuff that I still love and it still fits, but I will never wear it. And really, how many jackets and outfits does one need? So after several hours I ended up with several bags for our local thrift store. After finishing the closet, I put the bags and boxes into my car and took them away. Nothing in the garage waiting to go to Mother Theresa Treasures is safe until it is at their store!

So, here is the “before and after” of my side of the closet.  The top shelf items are still waiting to be gone through.  I still have way too many clothes, but I now know what I have. They also are organized so when I want a short sleeve shirt or a jacket I can find it. I love all of the shirts lined up so nicely! I still need to attack my drawers, but at least I’ve got a good start on the clothing category. My studio will be next.


It is an interesting book and she does have some great suggestions for tidying up. However, some of her suggestions (put books in a closet and empty your purse every night) are really out there. Also, since this book has been translated from Japanese, the English is – hard for me to describe – maybe formal. But it is worth the read if you are interested in a different approach to organizing and like me, you’ve tried it all.

Tomatoes have been coming in strong here so I recently made a batch of ketchup. There is nothing like homemade ketchup!


Something I’ve loved but haven’t done in way too many years is kayaking. My friend Connie and I headed out last week to one of our local lakes and enjoyed several hours on the calm still water. I am so looking forward to doing that again.


I sent off my block to the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild for the Mother Emanuel quilt they are putting together.


I’ve been asked what I am going to do with all of the mandalas I’ve been making. I’m still working on paper, but hope to move to fabric soon. Here is a card I made with one of my favorites.


I’ll be turning 65 at the end of this year which to me is BIG! Last year I made a list of what I wanted to do before that date. One of them involved going with my friend Barb to see her mom and sis. We went several weeks ago and had a great time. Besides spending time with mom in the nursing home, Barb, Jeanie and I went to a nearby arts and craft/farmers market.


I had never seen a pizza oven in a truck. Very clever!

artfair2  Barb took this picture of me in the farmer’s market area. Lots of lovely, LARGE produce there!


The second one on the list is driving down to Alabama to see my sis. I’ve not seen her in many years although we keep up via email and phone. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for this solo journey. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven this long of a distance by myself to somewhere I’ve never been so it’s both exciting and scary. The car has been checked out and cleaned out, and I’m almost packed.

Well, that’s it for what’s been going on here. Hope you are having a good Sunday. Thanks for dropping by and see you later on this week.

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Printed Fabric Bee: Insects

It’s time for another Printed Fabric Bee giveaway!

July’s The Printed Fabric Bee challenge topic was Insects. Jane Davila the queen bee, requested that the 12 x 12 piece could be any color but with a touch of black.

Before I show you the collection that will be given away, here is my piece and my process.


I started with a piece of my sun printed fabric that had black in it.


I then decided on a dragonfly. After finding a good image I cut a stencil out with my Portrait.


I then mixed ProFab Purple and Magenta fabric paint to get the color I wanted for the dragonfly and stenciled him onto the piece.


He looked too plain so I added some shadow with my Fabricmate marker in a purple – close to the color of the paint.


Here is the final piece again.


And a couple closeups.


Here is my 6 x 6 for the giveaway collection.

insectHeinesbeeNow for the giveaway, if you’d love to win this collection of 6 x 6 inch fabrics, just leave a comment on the Printed Fabric Bee Facebook page or Jane’s blog.  Deadline is August 15!


Stop by the other members’ blogs to see how they created their pieces. Good Luck!

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Alcohol Inks and Yupo

A couple years ago I was looking for an art workshop to attend and saw one on playing with this paper and the inks taught by Cathy Taylor. It wasn’t possible for me to go to that workshop, but I did stop by Blick’s and purchase a large piece of the Yupo.  I filed it away and forgot about it!

Then last year when we visited Asheville we stopped by an art gallery and there was Cathy! It was neat to meet her, but still I hadn’t experimented with this plastic-like paper.

Then the other day I was tooling around the web and came upon a video using alcohol ink and Yupo. I just had to get out my inks and the paper and play. If you’re not familiar with Yupo, it’s a synthetic paper. I bought it in a large sheet, but now it comes in pads of smaller sizes.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing but love the results. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any process pictures. I used the alcohol inks with the alcohol blending solution.


I used Ranger alcohol inks – ginger, latte, meadow, butterscotch and stream – on these.


On the top and right one I used bottle and terracotta. On the bottom left I used carmel, currant, denim and butterscotch. For the red one not shown I used raspberry and lettuce.

alcoholyupo1Now to add them to card bases.

alcoholinkcardsAnd a close up of the sets.



Using alcohol inks on Yupo is pretty interesting. I love all of the shadows which give the pieces some depth. If you are not familiar with these products used together, You Tube has lots of tutorials.

One of these will be heading out the door this week to a friend for her wedding anniversary. It will be nice to have cards ready for any occasion. Have you tried playing with alcohol inks and Yupo?

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Mandala Madness

Oh my! On July 6 I entered into mandala madness!


Well, what happened is I took Alisa Burke’s new Mandala Magic class. I really wasn’t expecting to get hooked. I’ve been following Alisa’s blog for years and loved Sew Wild. (I  reviewed her book when it came out in 2011.)

I really love mandalas and love her art so I thought it would be a great class. I’ve been feeling like I needed to create some different art and this was a great springboard for me.

Here is my very first mandala.



Then I made an artist date with myself and went to Barnes and Noble and drew another one.


Then I decided to use some color. I think I went a bit overboard on this one.


And here is one of my favorites so far.

7:15mandalaAnd this one.


mandala7:12 mandala7:16


Well, I’ve been making mandalas now for almost two weeks. I’ve found that even when they aren’t quite “perfect” they still look good as long as I repeat patterns. Also, they all look different. Once I feel confident about my drawing, I’m planning on taking them to fabric. I’m so excited to add them to my tool box of fabric surface design techniques. But for now I’m happy to play on paper.

Besides drawing mandalas, Dave and I visited Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Saturday to see all of these lovely sunflowers. What a way to brighten up a day!

sunflowerbluegrass3 sunflowerbluegrass2 sunflowers1That’s all for today. Hope you’re having a colorful day. Thanks again for dropping by.

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Reality Warp Challenge

Lyric Kinard recently issued a Reality Warp challenge on her blog. Since I love challenges I thought I’d try my hand at this one. This is my finished piece.


How this challenge works is you start with an item – in this case it was a scissors. Taking your first piece of tracing paper, trace around the scissors.

realitywarp1Now place #2 tracing paper on top of this first one and again trace around the scissors moving it around. Once traced, erase what you don’t want.

realitywarp2You can see that I had erased the handles in my first drawing. I decided when tracing #2 I didn’t want to include the handles.

realitywarp3Now place #2 under #3 and trace again.

realitywarp4Again, you can erase anything you don’t want in your image.

Now place #3 under #4 and trace again.


You can go on and on with this, but I stopped after four. Here is the final image.

realitywarp7I scanned this into my Portrait and cut the image out of card stock to use to cut out the fabric.


I decided I wanted to use three of these images for my piece. I used three of my favorite dyed pieces. And here is another picture of my entry.

Heines_Scissors_fullIt was fun to see what everyone did with this challenge and how different they all were. Here is the online exhibit of all of the entries and the winners here.

I really loved this challenge. I also loved that I actually completed a project instead of just showing a process. And as those of you who’ve been with me for awhile you know that my 2015 word is completion. I’m really working to complete stuff this year instead of just playing with the process.

I’ll definitely do this again with other item.  Thanks to Lyric for this opportunity and this fun challenge.

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Jillian’s Clothes Soft Book

Over a  year ago Jillian’s mom gave me clothing to make Jilly a soft book. I made her a color quiet book awhile back. So after traveling down different roads, changing directions, ripping out, and serging,  I finally finished it! I tried to incorporate every piece Martha gave me, but the shoes just didn’t make it. I did use her pink shoelace though.

jilliansclothes1 Here is the finished book.

Jillian's clothingbook1The embroidery was from a jumper I found at a local thrift store. All of the other clothing was Jillian’s. The pages are made of fabric I dyed specifically for this book. Instead of embroidering words for this book, I printed them out on fabric.

This first page is about snaps. She can snap and unsnap her pants.

jilliansclothes2 The following page, the side with the instructions includes parts of a dress I didn’t have room to incorporate in this book. She can tie her shoe on this page.


This next page is about zippers. She can zip and unzip her dress.


This page spread is about buttons. On the opposite side she can button her sweet dress.

jilliansclothes5 jilliansclothes7After completing the pages, I added felt between them and surged the edges. I then added the grommets, binders, and some torn strips of my dyed fabric.

It’s been fun making this even thought I changed my mind so many times! Today I give it to her. Yipee!


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Dyeing Soy Waxed Fabric

I decided to do a little experiment the other day.


First I wanted to show you how I made those circles with a tin I found in a $1 bin at Target. I just had to add this after I received a comment from Jaime. We rarely eat anything or buy anything from a can so I had to purchase it. Several years ago when we were still buying canned goods I made a craft organizer from them

If you’re not familiar with soy wax batik, check out this post with my You Tube video.

containermarkerAnd this is how it looks when it’s done.


Now was when the fun started. I started with the same three fiber reactive dyes: Forest Green, Raspberry, and Lemon Yellow.

The first piece I ice dyed.  The colors came out muted and kind of dreamy!


I really liked that, but wanted to see how painting with thickened dyes would look. If you’re not familiar with how to thickened dyes, I used the directions from Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth.

Here is my result. I tried to paint it so I could really compare it to the ice dyed piece. The thickened dyes were darker and didn’t blend as well as when ice dyed. Using less dye would have made them closer in color, but they still are pretty.


Then I did another piece with the same thickened dyes but a little different design.

soywaxtest1So what did I learn?  With ice dyeing the results are less predictable than painting with thickened dyes. However, you get a dreamy – can’t seem to get that word out of my mind this morning – feel. I liked both ways of dyeing after the soy wax was added to the fabric and will definitely do both again.

Now that I have these three lovely pieces I need to make something with them. Any suggestions? As always, thanks for dropping by.

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